Monday, November 13, 2017

Slack posting

My God! It's been over a year since I posted a blog to Collecting QR! Not that I haven't been doing anything but I have had some major changes in my life and work on Clarabelle has taken a back seat. So, let's bring it all up to date.

Chester and I spent last Xmas and New Year in England and France so, when we returned in February, Clarabelle needed a good clean.

Later in the year I rearranged the far end of the carriage in preparation of finishing off the lounge area and building the bulkhead that will separate the 2nd bedroom.

While rearranging the end of the carriage, I exposed this section of wall where you can see the steel reinforcing installed by QR to stop the carriage body from wobbling. This will soon be panelled over.

Next visit to the carriage I decided to investigate some rot in one corner of a droplight, seen here from both the inside and the outside. You can see daylight through that hole!

Chasing the rot into the framework revealed that it was more extensive than I imagined. This was not going to be a simple patch-up job!

Continuing work on the inside, I put up a replacement light fitting and scraped the old paint away from some of the ceiling mouldings. I hate working on the ceilings; a sore neck and covered in flecks of paint.

Back to that rot problem. I had to cut back, clear out and square off the damage then fit a couple of pieces of Maranti to make good the damaged timbers. I took these home for final shaping.

So far I've managed to fit the replacement lintel, surrounds around the toplight and replaced the toplight temporarily with a piece of 12mm ply, the whole lot liberally covered in 3-in-1 for protection.

The replacement post proved more problematic so it's back home for some more adjusting before I can install that bit.

While at home I build three draw carcasses for under the left hand bench in the kitchen. 

These are constructed from 12mm ply with reinforced corners. Now to make up the fronts for them!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A little tinkering

The plan was to spend the night on Clarabelle but more impending storms put the kybosh on that idea. We did go out to Clarabelle to check on how she had weathered the previous storms and we managed to get a little bit of work done on her while we were there.

Chester's recent fascination with exotic teas made him the obvious candidate for Clarabelle's Official Tea Maker!
And he did some great work scraping more paint off some windows

Meanwhile I finally installed a shelf for cutting boards under the new bench

A wider view puts the new shelf into perspective

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chester at work

It has been sometime since I've been out to Clarabelle but this last weekend, not only did I get out there, I finally put Chester to work!
Here's Chester, hard at work, scraping paint off the glass of the windows

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

TV Star!

It has been a while and I have not done much to Clarabelle over the Winter months but she did feature in a segment on Building Ideas! Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Odd Jobs

A casual trip up to Clarabelle last Sunday to do a few little fiddly bits.

Firstly, sorting out my collection of authentic QRR crockery. I'm building up quite a haul! There are a variety of styles reflecting different periods and manufacturers.

I finished the draw under the dishwasher at home and took it up to Clarabelle for installation. The handles are actually window lifts I found in a second hand shop.

Then a test fit of the tiles for the hearth.

An overview of the hearth/LHS kitchen bench as they are developing.

Monday, April 25, 2016

ANZAC Day Long Weekend

A public holiday and a chance to kick on with some more work on Clarabelle. Pallave and I actually stayed on board over the Saturday night so our time there was very productive.

I pulled the kitchen bench apart in preparation for fixing the top. I also attached the draw front to the carcass under the dishwasher.

Half way through adding the top. Note the temporary spacer keeping the walls the correct distance apart while the top is added.
Top on and edged in Silky Oak
At the other end of the bench is this recess where a wood heater will eventually be installed so I lined this area with fiber cement.

Meanwhile Pallave continued her earlier work on the window surrounds adding a second coat.

Isn't she looking fabulous? And Clarabelle is looking good too!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Morning Tea and Trimmings

This weekend we had some visitors from out of town so one item on the agenda was morning tea on Clarabelle. And, while you have a captive workforce, may as well put them to work!

Frith and Alan are Abbie's Aunt and Uncle. Their farm near Wellington NSW was Clarabelle's last home from 2005-2012.

Alan helped me to put up a luggage rack over the kitchen where I can store crockery.

I also put up a glass holder (which is NSWR in origin but neatly holds this original QR glass)

The luggage rack and glass holder in context