Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lining the Kitchen

Once again, it's been a while since I posted but I've actually been out to Clarabelle twice since my last post.

Having finished the ceiling in the kitchen (or more correctly, having my mate Steve finish the ceiling fro me!), time to peal back some of the drop sheets and start bringing the lining up to scratch.

South wall of the kitchen area sanded, filled and undercoated

First up was a lot of sanding of bog that I'd put on years ago.

Looking to the northern side of the kitchen
 Once sanded it was time for an undercoat as well as some extra filling with an acrylic sealant to close up the last few gaps.

A different perspective on the northern wall; sanded, undercoated and filled
That was all the weekend before last. This weekend I took away more of the drop sheets because I'd finished the sanding and so dust control is no longer an issue.

That's Chester sitting in the dining area. This weekend I also rehung the picture because Pallave has finished varnishing that bulkhead.
I then had to cut the internal beadings for the inside of the toplights. These are 9mm quad and, at the moment, they are just sitting in place awaiting fixing next weekend.

An example of the internal toplight beadings. Looking at this shot afterwards I realised that the two vertical lines at the bottom of the toplight are where water has run over the undercoat when it was still wet last week - so there are a couple more leaks to chase down and fix next week!