Monday, June 17, 2013

Two day's work

I've been on the road for work for most of the last two weeks so, not only had I not had the chance to work on Clarabelle, I had wracked up some time in lieu. So, with family obligations keeping me busy on the Saturday, I was able to head up to the carriage on Sunday and stay the night, working all day on the Monday.

I got a lot done but, as usual, not a lot to show for it! Most of Sunday was spent glueing the top down on the kitchen, and painting and varnishing the cupboard space underneath.

The kitchen is now mostly functional including some pull out shelves just visible in the corner under the kettle.
Among the odd-jobs in the kitchen area was the plumbing in of a S-trap and pipe for the waste water which now drains under the carriage. Eventually I'll put a container under there with a tap and hose so I can use the waste water to water a small line of shrubs on that side of the carriage.

Monday morning and the first use of the stove was to make a cup of coffee!
Overnight and Monday morning were particularly cold - well it is winter! I needed to sand off the top of the entry door because it had started to stick badly - probably having swollen with recent rain. And, once I had the sander out, I thought I'd also sand back a small area close by that needed some attention. One thing led to another and I ended up preparing two whole panels on the end of the carriage!

Two panels sanded back, rot scrubbed out and new filler added.
After scrubbing out some rot with a wire brush, filling where needed and sanding that back, I had time for a coat of 3-in-1 and a top coat of Capsicum Red.

The section when finished
I really need to go over this whole side again because it is the wrong colour and the previous paint hasn't stuck very well in some areas. There's always more work to do when you've got a carriage to restore!