Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another short visit

Only a few short hours in the morning but still able to get something more done to Clarabelle!

Now it looks permanently wet!
 I got another coat of ultra-gloss varnish on the table. I think this job is now finished!

Another white ceiling
The kitchen ceiling has now got an all-over cover in 3-in-1 and looks so much better for the attention. Now for a couple of coats of gloss top coat and it will look brilliant!

An unexpected ecosystem in the gutter
What I wasn't expecting was to find problems with the gutter on the tree-side of the carriage. This had filled with seeds and other detritus from the tree and had developed it's own ecosystem complete with rather angry-looking ants! Even once I'd scooped out the worst of the humus, water was still pooling in the gutter because the carriage is sitting dead level and there is no fall on the gutter to drain it. I'm going to have to get up and reline the gutter to ensure it's water tight and may have to install some down pipes to help it drain more efficiently. Yet another job to be done!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

An afternoon

Only a relatively brief visit this weekend but productive thanks to the help from Pallave who ventured out again to lend me a hand.

Pallave took to varnishing, reworking the dining area bulkhead and adding another coat to the table.

I spent a considerable amount of time masking off the kitchen area in preparation of starting on that job.

I got as far as scrapping the corners and edges across the ceiling then filling and painting them with 3-in-1 undercoat.