Sunday, February 28, 2016

Odd Jobs

A relatively short visit this weekend. Test fitting a new draw and prepping for a new coat of paint on the outside. Speaking of which, if you are in the Adelaide area over the Easter break and fancy lending a hand, please get in contact!

Test fitting the draw built at home for under the dishwasher

It's a great fit!

I also spent some time brushing away spiders and their webs from the outside. This is in preparation for a new coat of paint over the Easter break.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Dishwasher Shelf

A simple job this week made easier by a little help form my little mate!

FINALLY, not long after his 10th Birthday and after years of following me out to the carriage, Chester lends a hand by painting the pre-cut shelf!

The shelf in position with a Silky Oak capping strip at the front. I have removed the bench top here to make it easier to work. I also put in two runners for the draw below.

The dishwasher test fit with the bench top back in place. A tight fit! Note the pipes and cables will be connected behind the draws in the compartment next to the dishwasher.

A little later and I've cut some of the inserts for the end piece and taken the near corner off the bench top.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Bench Comes Together

I got a reasonable days work in on the kitchen over the weekend - and it's finally taking shape!

The last three supports were fixed in place and the bench top rough cut to size. The bench top is made from Rosewood flooring

I cut and added a new base plate to the right-hand compartment which needs trimming with Silky Oak

Pallave (bless her cotton socks!) managed to repaint the interiors of the other two compartments, working around me while I assembled the top

The wide compartment is for the dish washer with a draw below while the other compartment will be a set of three draws

At the end of a day's work Pallave and Chester pose to show how the new bench sits in the carriage. Not that Chester did much to help!