Sunday, March 1, 2015

Table at home

Didn't get out to the carriage this weekend but I did get to work on the dining table at home. You may recall that a few weeks ago I strapped it to my trailer to try and take a warp out of it and to pull in some of the edge pieces that had begun to separate. The strapping seems to have worked taking out most of the warp and pulling the edges in considerably.

The strapping had pulled in the edges and closed the gaps I'd recut the other week

Brass slot-head screws pulled the edges in further and will hold them there

I recut the open joins to even them up a bit

Filled and sanded, the results are pleasing

At this stage I've only sanded the top surface and wiped it over with turps but the beauty of the Silky Oak shines through
That last caption belies the fact that it took two and a half hours of sanding to bring the surface back to fresh timber!