Sunday, November 30, 2014

A quickie

Plans for a full day painting and fiddling around on board were thwarted by hot and not very pleasant conditions. But having driven all the way out to visit Clarabelle, I had to do something to justify the trip. So I plumbed in the waste water pipes for the pull-down sink.

This has taken far too long and too many trips to the hardware store trying to get the bits to fit together and do the job. That's what happens when you try and plumb in non-standard fittings in imperial sizes using modern metric pipework! But all's well that ends well; it works!

OK, I'm not the world's neatest plumber, but it does the job

Monday, November 17, 2014

More ceiling work

My posts have become even more erratic of late because of computer problems not allowing me to post pictures. Now fixed, I can provide an update back-dated by two weeks!

An opportunity to spend the night on board with my son Chester and this is what we woke up to.

Morning from my bed on board
That meant lots of time to work on the ceiling of the dining area, which is where I left off last time I went out. I got to attach the light fitting and get on an undercoat and top coat.

The left half just has undercoat on while the right has one coat of top coat

It's a messy business so lots of drop sheets stuck to the walls to protect them from errant paint.  Here I've started peeling back the drop sheets to paint the brown areas above the bulkheads.

Of course the most important part of this picture is the coffee pot - I don't know where I'd be without good coffee out there!

A completed top coat and the new light fitting - I didn't have the special tool to close the damn thing!

Happy and proud, spattered in paint and with a very sore neck.