Sunday, December 13, 2015

Friends for Tea

Я вижу, что число россиян, начали следовать мой блог о восстановлении Clarabelle . Добро пожаловать , ребята, я надеюсь, что это представляет интерес для вас !

Stayed on Clarabelle over night last weekend and the highlight was having some friends over for afternoon tea! I also got some more work done on her, ably assisted by Pallave.

Chester and I were joined by Pallave, Richard, Heidi and Indigo for afternoon tea on board
The perfect opportunity to break out some of that QRR crockery and cutlery!

More work on the seat back support for the splash back, installing one side of the strips that will hold the splash back in place.
And this is why I need a splash back here, save burning dinner's hair or splashing them with boiling fat!

End view showing some of the detail of the beautiful Silky Oak timbers.

Work also continues on the left hand side cupboards

At the conclusion of this week's carpentry I started the varnishing process with a mop down with a very dilute varnish solution.

Still a work in progress but I'm getting there!