Monday, January 20, 2014

Another coat

This weekend, the first of two top coats on the bathroom ceiling. While I can reach the whole ceiling without a ladder, this work is literally a pain in the neck!

Same shot as last week but with the first top coat on.

Selfie with ceiling in the background. One more coat and that mottling should disappear.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


It’s not that I’ve been slack over the last few months, just not working on Clarabelle. I have been moving into a new home and setting that all up is taking quite some effort. Then there’s the whole Xmas/New Year thing and not much time for working on carriages!

But I did get out to her on the weekend and began slapping a bit of paint around. This is the ceiling of the bathroom area where I’ve replaced the original light fitting with a vent from an old NSWGR carriage. That actually vents to the outside – I thought that will be a useful feature in an area that will occasionally be wet and steamy. This is only the undercoat with sealing of old joints and cracks. There’s at least 2 coats of gloss white topcoat to go on yet but already a lot of the former beauty of the original pressed tin ceilings is shining through. 

The ceiling of what will be the bathroom

And this will be the year to put the effort in and get her into shape. October this year will be her 90th birthday and I plan a big BBQ to celebrate with anyone who is interested. Would you like to come along?