Sunday, January 31, 2016

The kitchen continues

The final support panel for the left side kitchen bench was finished and taken to Clarabelle where I had a bit of a play arranging the bits.

The end support panel completed at home ready for the trip out to Clarabelle. This is a laminated construction around a piece of 12mm ply with Silky Oak trim. On this side a piece of 18mm ply has been added below the height of the bench top thus providing a ledge for the bench top to sit on and a flush inner surface for the dishwasher compartment. This panel stands around 300mm above the bench top dividing the kitchen from where the potbelly stove will eventually go.
Up at Clarabelle the last support panel and the next one just standing in place for a test fit. Here you can see how the end panel will extend above the bench top and the cavity for the dishwasher will be created below.

A rather awkward shot showing all four bench support panels in place but note that, at present, only the second one has actually been fixed. Fixing the other three is next weekend's job!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Step Forward

This was actually a couple of weekends ago: I took the panel from the preceding blog and another that I fabricated up to Clarabelle and had a bit of a play. This weekend I have the final under-bench panel to take up to her, then I can start assembling the kitchen on that side!

Two new partitions in place. The one on the left is a laminate of three pieces of 12mm Ply with a composite post at the front from two pieces of Maranti edged with a veneer of Silky Oak.

Pallave hard at work, again - more painting. She's just so damn good at it!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

All the best for 2016 for viewers of Collecting QR! And let's start the year with something different: a video. This is how to make a panel for the kitchen area.

And then, once all glued together, I took the panel out to Clarabelle and fitted it into place.

You can see at the bottom that the panel is about 3mm too wide, to I took it home again and trimmed it.

Still only a test fit, this new panel creates an irregular area for small display shelves.