Sunday, May 18, 2014

More painting and a pull down sink

After over nighting on board with Chester last Friday night, I got up and into Clarabelle early on Saturday. I was intending to start with some painting and set about sorting out the finishing touches to the gutter on the northern side.

She probably hasn't looked this good since 1980!
But then the weather turned a bit iffy so I went inside and worked there for a while as the weather made up its mind and cleared up. Then it was back outside to topcoat the western end. A quickish job with the spray gun.

Note the white tap handle on the air valve - a detail I picked up on last week in Ipswich
Working inside for most of the morning and early afternoon I installed the first of two pull down sinks. I actually purchased this one in Dorrigo NSW not long after I brought Clarabelle in 2005. It comes off a NSW car but these were standard fittings and I know this type was used in Queensland because I've seen them on display in the Ipswich Workshops Rail Museum. The second, identical sink I purchased at a sale at the National Rail Museum here in Adelaide so it probably came off a SA or even Commonwealth carriage!

The newly installed pull down sink
Yet to be plumbed in, I know it works because I gave it a test run, emptying into a bucket underneath.The bowl doesn't have a drain at the bottom. When you've finished washing your hands (or whatever), you simply close the whole unit and the water drains out the back.

When opened, the interior is dazzling!