Monday, March 28, 2016

Resurrection at Easter

The Easter long weekend has often been a good opportunity to work on the outside of Clarabelle. This year I thought I'd tackle a complete paint job of the three sides that are close to finished.

The start of day one, around midday. After mucking about setting up and various other bits and pieces, time to get to work. First up to mask the toplights and drop lights ahead of spraying.

It took me most of the rest of the day to paint just the northern side.

Problems of over-spray around the droplights and toplights but the spray gun does give a good sealing topcoat.

End of day two and I had sprayed the western end and the whole of the southern side. Pallave spent the afternoon fixing up the over-spray around the droplights and toplights.

The northern side and western end at the end of day two.

I haven't previously shown much of the eastern end of the southern side because I have done very little with it since arriving in St Kilda. Prior to this weekends coat of paint it was beginning to look ratty and untidy in a variety of colours.

And, in contrast to the northern side which is in very good nick, working on the southern side revealed a number of spots of rot that had to be attended to.

Early on day three and Pallave gets to work on the droplights and toplights on the northern side.

She made good progress and had finished this job by lunchtime.

Meanwhile Chester and I set about with the spray gun and painted the whole under carriage black. So at the end of three days work Clarabelle was looking better than ever!

Another view of the northern side.

We still need to finish off the eastern end of the southern side but the patches of rot have been sorted out and that leaves us something to do next weekend!

And what better reward after three days of hard labour than beer and blue vein cheese in the bath!