Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Easter Weekend

It’s been a while! Mind you I have been overseas and otherwise occupied with the new house so Clarabelle has been missing out on the care and attention she deserves!

The bathroom wall; lots of filling and sanding here before a coat of PSU!
Last weekend, being a long weekend, I finally managed to get stuck in and make some progress. I actually camped in the carriage staying three nights so that I could devote every waking hour to working on the old girl. 

The aisle wall, sanded and painted

And the nights were also useful times to get things done inside the carriage. I was able to fill, sand and undercoat one of the walls in the bathroom and the opposing wall in what will be an aisle leading to the main bedroom. Much of that sort of work can be done by the light of a halogen lamp.

Selfie with the end sanded off (most of which ended up on my face!)

But most daylight hours were spent stripping back the western end, filling and sanding then repainting in undercoat. This took much longer than planned but I decided it best to work at a pace that got the job done properly rather than rush it. As it was the painting on the last day was in a strong and gusty wind which threatened to blow me off the ladder on several occasions! Definitely not the right conditions to put on a top coat. So that will have to wait for another day!

Primer/Sealer/Undercoat on and looking good!

An oblique view with a western end that seems to glow!