Sunday, October 12, 2014

Restart the dining area

It really seems I have less and less time for Clarabelle these days but I did manage to spend half of Saturday out at St Kilda having a bit of a fiddle.

I'd decided that I was getting bored with the bathroom so thought I would divert my attention to the dining area for a while. This needs to be finished off so the first step was to strip out the seats and table to clear the area.

The dining area with the seats and table stripped out
I spent quite a bit of time fitting a glass into the right light fitting. This was not as straight forward as I had hoped with there being very close tolerances between the glass and the surrounds so I had to spend some time and effort chipping out some ancient putty that was preventing the whole thing from sitting properly. I left it like this with some new acrylic sealant setting the glass into the surround ready for mounting in the ceiling next time I go out.

Glass fitted to the correct base. These are becoming very difficult to come by and I still need a few more. Please contact me if you have one!
I also took a chisel to the old paintwork in the ceiling. Multiple layers of paint over the years masks some nice detail that can be easily scraped back to an approximation of its former glory. A messy job with lots of flecks of paint flying around the joint but the end result will be worth it.

Detail where I've scraped the paint out of some channels in the ceiling. A messy job but worth the effort.