Monday, October 1, 2012

Putting her right

It’s been a long weekend here in Adelaide and while most people were fretting about which football team would win one of the two grand finals, I was out at Clarabelle with Chester sorting out the graffiti and putting her back together again.

She probably hasn't looked this good since 1980!

I’m such a schmuck! It’s taken me this long before I realised I can buy an inexpensive spray gun and paint a whole side of the carriage in around 20 minutes instead of two days! It does mean some cleaning up of overspray on windows and touching up the drop lights in a different shade of red but I’d need to do that anyway. Spraying also makes getting at the underside easy – so easy that Chester did most of that!

Close up detail of the colour scheme

Now to let her stand for a week, let the paint harden and then coat with an anti-graffiti spray I tracked down. The campers are back in the area now so hopefully we’ve seen the last of the graffiti vandals for a while!


  1. You have been very industrious with your labors Mr Willis. There is a product that can repel the work of graffiti vandals. It is manufactured by Aztec Paints in St Marys South Australia. Painting large areas airless spraying is more efficient than conventional air spray - more spray on the job and less to the atmosphere. I will show you my yacht if I can see your railway carriage!
    Best regards
    Chris Lockyer

  2. Hi Chris,
    I've gone for a sacrificial anti-graffiti coat called Baracade. It was much more reasonably priced than permanent coats (around 1/3 the cost) and readily available through good paint suppliers. However, the product you mention intrigues me! Can you tell me more? Is it permanent or sacrificial and how much does it cost?