Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Work

Another couple of pics to show the work conducted on recent visits. Firstly, reworking a second door.

This will allow direct access to the deck from the main bedroom. It's also an opportunity to completely rework the surfaces and strip off any old paint, sand back to original and then start repainting - hence the white undercoat. I've also fitted lugs for a padlock and will be fitting an original lock, door handle and striker plate on the next visit. You can also see one of the little wooden lugs I've created that swivel at the bottom of the windows to lock them in place when closed.

Work as also started on the western end.


There was a small patch of rotten matchboard that I replaced with the few remaining scraps of new matchboard that I got a hold of several years ago. You can also see that I've been busy screwing the matchboard directly into the timbers behind, firming them up. There is a lot more of this to do before striping off the old paint, filling the holes and repainting but, with the summer holiday coming up, that should be done relatively soon.

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