Monday, September 9, 2013


A few pictures taken by my mate Tony from the South Australian Finescale Modellers this week including an outside shot of Clarabelle revealing that I really need to get Chester busy with a brush and knock out all those cobwebs! The western end also needs a new coat of paint, it's looking very tatty. The observant among you may also notice that this view shows off the blinds that have been installed in the main bedroom.

Time to knock off the cobwebs and get a coat of paint on!
Tony is a blind maker by profession and works for South Australian Blind Supplies. He arranged to make up the blinds for the carriage at a very good price.

Four windows in the southern wall of the bedroom, blinds open
Since the main bedroom has been mostly finished, and particularly since we have finished the bed and have slept there a few times, it became blatantly obvious that some privacy was required!

Same view, blinds closed
And I think these blinds are just the thing we need. The colour was the best match I could find in the swatches Tony had and the action of all blinds is smooth and easy.

General view of the main bedroom with blinds closed
The blinds should also help to keep the heat out in summer. And the rate the weather is changing at this time of year, it won't be long before we find out!

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