Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kitchen Lining

More work sorting out the lining in the kitchen area this weekend.

Toplights with beading and undercoat and new barge board above.
First up it was a case of filling and undercoating all the beadings around the toplights that were fixed last week. Then I added new barge boards above. Originally these sat behind the luggage racks and provided some protection for the lining of the carriage from being knocked by whatever passengers put in the luggage rack. Some of the barge boards were removed when the luggage racks were salvaged after decommissioning in the early 1990s leaving a scar that is difficult (if not impossible!) to sand out. So I've chosen to replace them.

Right Hand Side
Left Hand Side

Then there was the question of finishing the droplight surrounds. I've fixed the 2/3rds of the droplights that were not on doors and this was done by creating a new surround out of Tassie Oak.The working droplights on the doors leave gaps where the shutters used to be attached so these have been filled with Tassie Oak or other suitable timber and cleaned up with builder's bog.

After painting
Once all was in place, filled and sanded, I had enough time to slap on a coat of King's Gold, the top coat for most of the interior. Chester obliged me by appearing in shot in the same place as the previous post but pulling a rather strange face!

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