Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fitting the kitchen

After weeks at home building part of the left hand side kitchen benches, this last weekend I took out my handy work and fitted it in place. I also chased down some more rot on the outside.

I started by sanding off the supports and base plates that I'd installed years ago.

Then I fitted the end wall. It's just standing in position here after two hours of adjusting to assure that it stands straight and level.

I then fitted three pegs to the bottom edge...

... and drilled three holes in the support.
And here she is in place! No fixings needed other than the pegs at the base and a clamp to hold it in place until I build in the rest of the bench around it.

A broader view showing the setting within the carriage.

I also found a bit of rot that I sanded and scrubbed out of a toplight above the kitchen.

A bit of bog and a slap of paint and she's as good as new!

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