Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to Collecting QR

This blog is all about collecting items once owned by or manufactured for Queensland Railways. I welcome contributions from any other collectors of QR material out there to share their knowledge and expertise here.

Personally, I started collecting QR when I purchased a 1924 Evans Car in 2005. My intention is to restore the carriage (number 1072) to a condition suitable for a holiday home for my family but, in the process, I've been collecting whatever original QR material I can find (and afford!) to fit her out with.

While collecting QR memorabilia it has become apparent that there is very little information readily available on various items and I hope to start a repository of such information here that will be of interest and use to other collectors and those interested in railway memorabilia.

So welcome to the Collecting QR blog! I hope that you find something interesting here and invite you to add your knowledge and expertise to this fascinating area of collecting.

1072 before I got her. She's standing in the back-blocks of Ipswich Carriage Works, neglected for the best part of a decade and about to be auctioned off. A friend at Zig Zag Railway took this pic.

A more up-to-date shot with renovations in full swing. Currently she's standing in a relo's sheep paddock near Wellington but we're hoping to move her closer to Sydney so that we can work on her more easily.

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