Monday, January 28, 2013

Working in the Bedroom

More work in the main bedroom over the Australia Day long weekend. That means more painting, particularly the ceilings which are coming up nicely. And painting the base for one of the light fittings meant that I could put one of the original lights back in place. There were originally 9 of these in Clarabelle but when I got here all but one had been removed. So far I’ve managed to find four replacements on Ebay and this is one of them.

Ceiling painted, light fitting fitted

Then there was the beginnings of the bed. The sides are the last of a load of recycled timbers that Bob, a friend of Abbie's, bequeathed to the project after moving to Scotland. These were the sides of a book case and I originally thought they were both Maple but, on cleaning them up, the shorter length is some other timber (I don’t know what). These were pre-cut and routed out to accept thin strips of Tassie Oak to cover nail holes. I also routed the back to let in the supporting timbers. I then took the sides home and varnished them through the week before bringing them back out and installing them as you can see here. Thanks to my mate Ben who was on hand to help with the swearing and profanity that saw this job to completion!

The beginnings of the bed

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