Sunday, February 10, 2013

Restoring the Ceiling

The original pressed tin ceilings of Clarabelle are all in pretty good condition but dirty. Very dirty! And paint encrusted in places. So restoring the ceilings is a straight forward but time-consuming job.

Before and After

This first pic shows a before and after effect. All I’ve done is wash the surfaces with sugar soap and then paint the left side with a white gloss acrylic. It needs a second coat but I think you can see that the effect of just one coat is pretty dramatic. 

Next, two photos showing close ups before and after of filling and painting. In many places there were intermittent gaps between the pressed tin and the wooden mouldings that hold them in place. These are prototypical – it was how they were originally – but unsightly and easily remedied with some white sealant and a coat of paint. Both the sealant and paint are acrylic and work well together; just squirt the sealant into the gap and, when you go over it with paint, the two mix to smooth out and seamlessly fill the joint. 

Details before

Details after

The encrusted paint is only really a problem in some details of the mouldings and is easily removed with a chisel, sanded back and painted. 

Being a tall guy, I can do all this without ladders but boy is my neck playing up today!

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