Sunday, April 14, 2013

Batteries and bits

A bit of a mixed bag this weekend with a few odds and ends. Mainly I wanted to recover some of the batteries from under the carriage to take to Sydney next week for my mate Andrew who wants to recondition and reuses them. This will be in exchange for some timber that he has hoarded away that I can use of the inside of the carriage.

There are two battery boxes under the carriage, both with six large 2 volt batteries in them. Getting at them is awkward being tucked away behind the running boards.

Here is a battery disconnected and half way out.

I removed all six batteries from this battery box. Eventually I plan to install new ones for a 12V system in the carriage but that is years away.

I also slapped some varnish and paint around after clearing out the area for the right hand side kitchen.

And finally, I sanded off the panel shown in the previous blog entry. Managed to get rid of all those horrible scorch marks and reveal the beautiful timber underneath.

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