Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

A four-day weekend and lots of plans for lots of work on Clarabelle – all thwarted by rain! In a recent shower I made a quick survey of the carriage and identified some leaking windows and toplights that need attention. On top of that there are still four toplights that haven’t been installed and their timber surrounds need a lot of attention. But all of these jobs require a few dry days ahead of the job to thoroughly dry the whole area out then a few more dry days so that exposed timber doesn’t get wet before painting. Across the whole weekend there was the threat of showers. Not a big dumping but enough to stop me working outside. Bugger!

Sunday morning sun in the new bedroom
We still stayed overnight and the first pic is me in the morning with the sunlight streaming into the newly finished bedroom. This really is a nice place to be now, very comfortable and the bed now provides a perfect night’s sleep. I say ‘we’; that’s me, my son Chester and wife Abbie who came home from a folk festival early.

The fridge space from one side ...
Then there is some more work on the kitchen area including getting a second panel in on the other side of the fridge space. A lick of paint on the inside and some varnish on exposed timber and this is starting to take shape!

... and the other with the new panel installed.

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