Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bench Tops

I thought this would be a straight forward job and it was, but a lot more hand-sawing and adjusting than I bargained for.

One problem is that the finish is such a high gloss, it's almost imposssible to photograph!

This past weekend I spent a day installing the bench tops in the kitchen area I’ve been working in over the last few weeks. In an earlier blog I made mention of getting a hold of some solid Rosewood flooring and even did a test fit of a few pieces

More glos problems but the warm red of the Rosewood shines through

It turned out to be a lovely wood to work with and the tops soon took shape. Being flooring the tongue and grooved edges added to the strength, interlocking the pieces into a flat and durable surface. 

The stove is a freebie second hand from a mate in Sydney, David Murrell. I've had it converted to LPG

The fiddling came in getting the first piece cut to accommodate the window surrounds and the second piece so that it fits relatively snugly up against the splashback (which isn’t as square or flat as it appears). Then there was some fiddling about to get the holes right for the sink and stove but it all came together well.

The sink is straight from Bunnings!

Next job is to trim the edges and finish them with some Silky Oak as an edging timber. When all that’s done it should look pretty good, don’t you think?

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