Sunday, May 19, 2013

More kitchen

Worked pretty hard yesterday in the kitchen area connecting up the two powerpoints and then building in the framework for the benches. These are all 24x42mm Maranti which is readily available through Bunnings and easy enough to work with.

Also added two blocks to the floor of the fridge cabinet to raise it up a bit and give better ventilation

I’ve tried to set up a strong structure which needs some cladding in Silky Oak to finish and all the joints are half-joints buttressed underneath. The apparently random spacing of the stretchers is to accommodate the stove and the sink both off which will be let into the bench top.

Wiring in the two powerpoints involved sending Chester and his mate Lachlan under the carriage to feed wires through gaps and tuck them up out of the way

So next week I can start putting the top on!

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