Monday, February 16, 2015

Toplights and table

This last weekend was a short visit on a hot day to finish off the job I had started the week before. I also took some work home with me!

First up, fill the hole from last week where the rot was with builder's bog
The bog sets quickly allowing sanding off
A new section of 9mm quad is added, held in place by acrylic sealant
Then a good coat of 3-in-1 and the whole area is as good as new!

Some time spent with an old chisel and sander cleaned up the area surrounding both toplights before the whole lot was sealed with 3-in-1.

My home work was taking the dining table out and doing some remedial work on it. I build this table several years ago from a solid slab of silky oak that a mate gave me. Despite some elaborate devices on the underside, it has warped since I installed it. So, as part of the renovations of the dining area, I'm trying to straighten the warp and generally refurbish the piece.

Dewarping by strapping the table top to my trailer with chocks underneath running against the warp.

The warping has cause the edge pieces to come out of shape and open up so I recut the corners and have the errant pieces strapped back into place.

This is just the start of the table refurbishment. After she has been strapped down for a while, I'll screw in the edges to tighten it all up then strip the upper surfaces, refill joints and cracks and revarnish the whole lot.

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