Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fixing some holes

Remember last week I signed off with a comment that I'd found a whole bunch of new leaks on Clarabelle? Well this weekend I fixed them. Trouble is there's not a lot to show for a few hours effort!

The Northern Side
There were two types of leaks to deal with. On the northern side there were some leaks in the top lights. Closer investigation showed that the timber in the frames of some of the top lights had contracted a little opening up tiny gaps at the corners. This was pretty easy to fix with some acrylic filler and paint but it did involve lots of up and down ladders.

A repaired bottom drop light seal
The second fix up was a bit more involved and only seemed to effect the windows, or drop lights, on the southern side. The main problem was that the lower margin of the seal against the glass was in pretty poor condition so I had to chisel out and level off what was left back to good timber. I then cut a 6mm quarter-round beading to length and glued it in place using acrylic filler. The beauty of using acrylic filler and acrylic paint is that it's easy to get a good, flush seal - the repair is almost invisible.

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