Sunday, April 19, 2015

Friends and Family

This weekend I had some help on Clarabelle. My dad and his wife Thi are staying at the moment over the school holidays to help look after Chester. But on Saturday he was with his mum so I took Dad and Thi out to Clarabelle and put them to work. We were joined by my friend Pallave - who proved very handy with a paint brush!

Dad putting a coat of paint on the bottom of one of the dining area seats

Dad at work while Thi looks on. Thi spent most of the day cleaning and tidying both inside and outside the carriage.

In all fairness to Pallave, she was not expecting to be put to work and so wore some nice clothes. But she was happy to get into it, borrowing one of my painting smocks and laddering her stockings in the process!

The end result of our combined day's labour was to finish painting and then reinstalling the dining area. Pallave, Thi and Dad all looking suitably pleased with themselves!
Thanks guys! Clarabelle really appreciates your efforts. Now, about next weekend ...

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