Monday, April 6, 2015

Mostly Painting

Two nights on board over the Easter break meant one and a half days clear to just work on Clarabelle.

I started by finishing off the outside fix-up started a couple of months back. This was just a painting job and, over night on the second night it rained heavily. Good news is these gaps have all been sealed. Bad news: the rain identified a whole bunch of other leaks elsewhere in the carriage!

Now all I have to do is scrape the paint off the windows!

While I had the right colours out I finally got around to finishing off the door seals. I think they came up OK!

Chester poses with the newly painted door seals

Then it was inside the carriage to continue fix-ups there. I added some trims including beading around the top lights, then more painting.

Dining area wall with added trims and new paint

More new paint along the corridor opposite the dining area

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